Stag Lodge Stables Terms & Conditions

Stag Lodge Stables Terms & Conditions2024-06-16T20:57:31+01:00

I’ve never ridden at Stag Lodge Stables before, how do I book?

We welcome new riders from the age of 3yrs upwards. 

We need all new riders to be registered with our online booking system before they are allowed to ride with us. This can be done via our website. 

Riders of 3-6yrs start their riding experience with Pony Park Lessons at Stag Lodge 1.  

Do you have to have an assessment before you ride with us?

We ask all new riders to Stag Lodge Stables, regardless of their riding experience, to take an assessment ride with us before they are able to join any of our group hacks. This is for safety purposes and allows us to make sure that for future bookings you are able to join rides that correctly match your riding capability.

Can I cancel or amend my booking?

Should you need to cancel or make changes to your ride, we ask that this is done at least 48hrs prior to your ride taking place. You can do this on our online booking system by going into your account, select lesson bookings where you can then cancel your ride. We will then credit your account with the relevant funds. If you do not want credit, and require a refund we can do so, minus a 20% admin charge. 

We are not able to refund credit to bookings cancelled or changed with less than 48hrs notice.

Please note: some of our courses/lessons clearly state at the time of booking that they are non-refundable. Others require amends/cancellations to be made with more notice, these are as follows;

Pony Weeks – 2 weeks notice

Courses (that do not state are non-refundable) – 2 weeks notice

Parties – 2 weeks notice

Group Lessons – if you wish to cancel your term booking we require 4 weeks notice

To cancel or amend your ride you can do so by logging into our online booking system and making the relevant changes.

What time do I need to arrive for my lesson?

We ask all riders to arrive 10 minutes prior to their ride.

Is there anything specific I should wear?

All riders need to wear a hat (that conforms to current BHS standards), gloves and a pair of suitable boots for riding.

If you do not have any of the above, we sell these in our Shop at Stag Lodge 2, and have hats and boots for hire at both yards.

Can I request the same horse/pony each time I ride?

We can understand why our horses and ponies are so popular, but, we can never guarantee that you will be able to ride the same horse or pony each week. We have to balance the amount of hours our ponies work, as well as the types and weights of riders they can carry, so it is not always possible to accommodate requests.

Can I request the same instructor each time I ride?

When you go to make your booking, you will see the instructors we have available at the particular day and time of your booking. Whilst we try our best to match the instructor that you choose at the time of booking, we cannot guarantee this. 

Is there a weight limit to ride at Stag Lodge Stables?

We are able to accept riders up to a weight limit of 14 stone/88kg

Will my ride be cancelled in the event of bad weather?

We ride in most weather – if it is raining the ride will still go ahead.

In the event of extreme weather (e.g. heavy snow or exceptionally strong wind) where we feel it is not safe to ride, we will cancel your ride and make you aware. 

Can I leave my children to have their lesson?

Riders under 18yrs years of age must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times. Whilst they are riding we invite you to watch from the edge of the arena or within our Club House.

The exception to this rule is where we run our regular Pony Squad, Pony Weeks and select courses where you will be advised upon booking.

Can I take photographs?

We ask that no photography is taken of our children’s group lessons.

Can I refund my gift voucher?

We do not provide refunds for gift vouchers.

Can I extend my gift voucher if the voucher expires?

Yes we offer gift voucher extension at a price of £10 per month from the month the gift voucher expires.