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Ride & Lead Lessons for Adults2020-10-05T13:10:08+01:00

Ride & Lead Lessons for Adults

A Private Ride & Lead lesson (also known as a Lead-Rein) is perfect for adult beginners or novices.

This one-hour session runs from Stag Lodge Stables on the Robin Hood corner of Richmond Park, and is a great way to be introduced to horse riding, with absolutely no commitment. Your horse will be led and controlled by the instructor (who is also on horseback) attached to a lead rein as you wander the designated horse tracks of the Park.

This is available at any time during Stag Lodge Stables’ opening hours, and although it needs to be pre-booked, that pre-booking can be done easily via our online booking system.

The price for an Adult Ride & Lead lesson is the same as the price listed for a Private Lesson/Hack.

A Ride & Lead lesson is the perfect introduction to your learning-to-ride journey. And the world looks very different from up on horseback. Trust us, you’ll be hooked…


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