Horse Riding for Children

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Horse Riding For Children

Do you have a pony-mad child who wants to learn how to ride, care for ponies and meet other pony-mad friends? If the answer is yes then we are the stables for you!

Here at Stag Lodge Stables we cater for children from the age of three on our little Shetland ponies right up to 16-year-olds who want to take on the more challenging disciplines such as jumping or dressage. We offer everything from one-off lessons to full courses, for total beginners right up to advanced level, and we also organize regular fun competitions.

  • Pony Park Lessons for 3-6 year olds are the perfect way to introduce your child to horse riding. A 30-minute lead-rein lesson in leafy Richmond Park.
  • Private one-to-one Lunge Lessons are the natural next step. Children must be five years or older to take one of these lessons and be confident in walk and trot.
  • Ride & Lead Lessons in Richmond Park can be booked once your Instructor is happy that you are confident and in control of your horse, and are suitable for children that have progressed beyond our Pony Park Lessons. They can practice more trotting as the instructor will also be riding but the child will still be secured by the lead rein. Suitable for children 7 years+.
  • Private Lessons are perfect for the novice rider just off the lunge and in preparation for joining Group Lessons. This lesson can also be tailored for the more advanced rider whose own needs and requirements determine the content of the session.
  • Group Lessons are aimed at our most confident young riders with the ambition to build their skills and ability by working through our Stag Lodge Stables Levels. Covering everything from balance, transitions and pole-work, through to jumping and dressage, as they progress through the levels.

We offer Pony Week Courses in all school half-terms and holidays for children from the age of five, and also hold our hugely popular Pony Squad meetings every weekend (except during the school summer holidays). Horse riding for Children at Stag Lodge can be booked on a more irregular basis through Private Lessons or if you wanted to make more of a commitment then we hold Group Lessons that take place on a weekly basis.

As a British Horse Society-approved riding centre we are inspected at least once a year and only pass if we meet the most stringent standards of safety, instruction and horse care. Furthermore, a BHS Inspector could just arrive unnanounced at any time, so we always keep our standards up!

Stag Lodge also offers fully approved BHS Courses for children from the age of 13 years upwards, along with many other riding and horse-care courses – please see the Courses & Training page for more details.

If you’re interested in riding courses for children during the school half-terms and holidays, we also offer our incredibly popular Pony Week Courses.

We offer a huge range of riding courses and opportunities for children to learn to ride in a safe and secure environment.



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