Horse riding for children

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Group Lessons for Children

Our weekly one-hour Group Lessons, which take place all year round in one of the seven arenas at Stag Lodge 2, are taught by some of our most experienced Instructors.

Group Lessons are aimed at our most confident young riders with the ambition to build their skills and ability by working through our Stag Lodge Stables Levels. Riders cover everything from balance, transitions and pole-work, through to jumping and dressage, as they progress through the levels. We operate Group Lessons with a maximum of six children to a group, always with the same Instructor from session to session, and all riders will be a similar age and ability.

The great thing about Group Lessons is that you’re taking part in an activity with other like-minded individuals, so it’s a great way of meeting new people and making friends while having a good time.

Group Lessons are incredibly popular at Stag Lodge Stables and run as a series of courses over a period of weeks. This helps with the structure of learning and progression through the Stag Lodge Stables Levels, as well as keeping momentum. Joining our Group Lessons therefore requires commitment to complete the course.

If you are keen for your child to join a Group Lesson please register your interest by emailing the office

If your child is new to us or you are not sure if your child is ready to start a Group Lesson then an assessment would be required. In order to take part in Group Lessons, all riders must be confident in walk and trot, and be starting to learn to canter.

Group Lessons are a great way to progress your horse riding ability with like-minded friends. Once we say you are ready for Group Lessons, there is a weekly commitment to the course, but your riding will come on in leaps and bounds.



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